Coworking Space

We provide the best facilities and create ideal conditions so people with passion and dreams can focus on growing their business.
We achieve this by offering a strong community, contributing actionable knowledge, competencies, and experience.

Conference Rooms

Sometimes it is better to take care of business “out of the office.” Whether you have board meetings, job interviews, strategy workshops, or the like, we got you covered. We offer professional facilities for meetings, events, seminars, or workshops. Our conference rooms fit up to 50 people. For further information, please call.

Business Development

Put business development on the agenda and fulfill your company’s full potential.

We offer professional consulting within sales strategy, communication, digital strategy, strategic objectives, and guidance about funding.

Venture Capital

You have the opportunity to pitch your business case for Visti Unlimited to get help or guidance about funding either from Visti Unlimited or Thomas Visti’s network.

Mikrofon til podcast

Podcast Studio

Podcast, audio books and different soundtracks have become everyday for most. An easy and accessible way to gain knowledge, be inspired or entertained.

We offer professional facilities to record podcast, soundtracks, product introductions or other presentation material.