Curious Today – Partner Tomorrow


Lets collaborate!
The robotics laboratories at SDU are a place of world-class research. Twice a year, for “Curious today – Partner tomorrow?” we invite the robot industry, and others who are interested in our work, to visit us and learn about a new topic each time. A mix of presentations, lab tours and company visits, combined with networking and the opportunity to discuss ideas for corporation, makes this particular event, a great way to learn about our research meet students, companies and academic experts. We are looking forward to welcoming you. Participation is free, but seats are limited. Read more and sign up at:

Program: Curious Today – Partner Tomorrow 

15:30 – Tune in, coffee and greetings
Grab a cup of coffee. Tune into the ZOOM meeting. Greetings will be immediately prior to four o’clock

16:00 – Researchers corner

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Functionally graded 3D/4D printing of porous materials
by Asst. Prof. Alireza D. P. Moghaddam

New possibilities in 3D Steel printing
by Engineer Andrei-Alexandru Popa

Application of robots in production/assembly lines
Simplifying Programming of Force-Controlled Industrial Tasks by Learning from Demonstration
by Asst. Prof. Iñigo Iturrate San Juan

Software Technologies
Software Technologies for Exploiting Production Data
by Professor Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard

Digital Twins
The Industrial Digital Twin in Industry 4.0
by Asst. Prof. Tim Van Erp

Virtual/Augmented reality
Virtual Reality Environment for Multi-Purpose Industrial Applications
by Assc. Prof. Fei Yu

17:25 – How to reach out?
Tek Innovation is your “one-stop” entry-point to SDU researchers and students for future partnerships.

17:30 – Partners Corner
Surprise company presentation

18:00 – Networking, Beers and Popcorn

18:30 – See you again on nov. 24th for SDU Industry in Sønderborg